February 27, 2011
La nuit blanche de Montreal

La Nuit Blanche de Montreal is an open celebration of our city. Together we head downtown with undercover flasks and fall in love with random girls at art galleries. In this surreal adventure, everything seems new again. As hundred of venues open their doors for the night, we become tourists in a city that we thought we knew.

On our way to the Old Port, we climbed on the rooftop of JP’s office: I got the code, it’s ok.

Artist painting while the Symphonic Orchestra’s playing Vivaldi.
Love at first sight.

This place is just HUGE.

Me in this weird / waste of space installation.

More rooftop sippy-sippy.

We hit Galerie MX (we saw there was free booze on twitter).
Fell in love again.

John Mike chatting withs artists in Florida over skype.
We live in the future.

We ended up in a loft party inside a five story building.

My favorite picture / art of the night, here with model Dominic.
This was an improvised photoshoot, we were drunk on our way back from the Bluedog. If you bend close enough, you can see the red wine on my lips.

She had something.

Late night street food savior.

This is a night I will remember.
Thank you Montreal, you really took me away.

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