February 1, 2012
El Zonte - A Smile Like This

There are places that grow inside you.

2 weeks ago, when I walked into the small surf village of El Zonte, i didn’t realize I had an appointment with reality. The village kids were laughing and calling me Hollywood because of my sunglasses. You should have seen the smile on their faces, growing up with that giant wave in their backyard.

They have nothing on their feet, but never seem to complain.
They sleep in a hamac with no wall on their houses, dreaming of the next football game on the beach until the sun set.

Right now in my office, I can choose from 3 different pair of shoes to best match my outfit. I suddenly realized I was a stupid white boy. Maybe I could sell everything and live on a boat like that guy from Tom Shoes. I remember the El Zonte kids.

Sometimes, I would trade it all for a smile like this.

January 18, 2012
Salvador - The Eldorado Pilgrim

I needed some time alone with the Architect.

By the ocean, I can find peace and focus to imagine, scheme and draw how I see the future in my mind. For this two weeks retreat, I chose the Eldorado surf resort located in the small El Zonte village. Surfers were somehow intrigued that I was more into books than waves.

But I found my perfect wave, inside me.

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