June 26, 2011
Secret Food Club: Set up the Sun’s table

Last venue of our Secret Food Club (previously) took place on this Old Montreal rooftop.Personalized invites, a weird and unsafe elevator and a stunning skyline view didn’t fail to impress new members of the Club. John Mike and his crew from Tripes & Caviar know how to cook summer memories.

Usual suspects.

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April 5, 2011
New York: The Friars Club

During New York’s advertising week, we had the priceless chance to be invited into the most iconic comedy stronghold: The Friars Club. Well the place has in fact it’s pricetag, if you consider a 75K membership a year, according to a waiter I discreetly asked.

The place has been home of many and many comedian’s roasts over the last decades (century?). Looking at the black and white pictures on the wall, you realize you are sitting in the same chairs as Frank Sinatra, Robbin Williams or Billy Crystal. I even saw the Pope JP II on one of those.

Our host Matt Scheckner made sure our dinner took place in the upper and private salon. Of course. Note that all pictures were taken using my iPhone.

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March 1, 2011
Secret food club

Secret food venues are the new book clubs.
I’m usually a pretty conservative guy when it comes to explore food, especially when animal heads are still attached. But this is the whole concept behind John Mike’s secret food club called Tripes & Caviar. Each month, a select few are invited to a secret venue  announced 24h in advance.

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